Relaxio Coded Banners: Storytelling, a Layer Deeper

Relaxio loves to storytell, and with Relaxio Coded Banners we became presented with more opportunities to lore build and lore expand.

6/21/20243 min read

From the story of Relaxio lore and inspiration, to down-the-road activations like the Basement Division, Relaxio is a light-hearted, care-free, unbothered collection. But it is also deep with narrative passion and lore building weaving through everything that passes through the Resort's doors.

Our latest collection and expansion in the Relaxio universe explores this deeper, on the surface and visual layer to as deep as the back-end, hidden layers.

Here's some of what makes this collection special and how it ties back into Relaxio:

Pure, Normalized Generation

These generations are pure, whole, and delivered as a visual package untouched by 'error', like a child sat in front of a television in 1989 watching an advert for SeaWorld.

Through this we have layered wholesome, interesting traits, as well as traits specific to 1980s key historical landmarks, all carefully curated to work together as a unified package. The CRT emulator used on our hand-selected backgrounds further solidifies this 80s vibe and adds key world building to our suite of deliverables under the Relaxio brand.

Nostalgia, safety, comfort.

Controlled Chaos

Controlled chaos is where we seed nostalgic and relatable issues within the collection - pop-up errors, background malfunctions, icon load issues. In a digitized, always-online society glitches are unavoidable, even within a perfect and idyllic beach Resort.

All trait types feature a visual glitch variant: backgrounds, icons, buttons, text, and pop-up. All feel distinctly memorable, but each act cohesively in an 80s inspired good-vibe collection. They don't act offensively and stand out starkly, they subtly and gently slot into each other to make a visually appealing and interesting set of reveals.

Controlled chaos, memorable, discreet.

Embracing Malfunction

There are four generations that, visually, stand out from the rest, embracing entire and systematic malfunction unavoidable and imposing in a tech-controlled landscape. We all eventually come upon it in our own lives' an app crashing, a phone fatally restarting, a TV that just won't tune into that programme no matter how many times you move the antenna.

These generations act emblematically for the malfunction present in a digitized society and how Relaxio works to subvert its impact as a negative force. Instead, within the Relaxio Coded Banners, they are praised and hailed for their beauty and elegance. A bull in a china store, maybe, but a well-groomed, beautiful beast elegant in nature trapped in a man-made world.

Malfunctioning, but unbeatable in its beautiful.

Hidden Flaws

These generations are, visually, intact and as expected. Pure, maybe one or two glitch traits here and there, but visually cohesive and unique. But Relaxio operates deeper than that, and just as there is a Basement Division operating a layer deeper, there are glitch traits operating a layer deeper than visual here.

These traits operate in the "hidden trait" type - not obvious at face value, but looking deeper at the metadata become visual.

"IMG XXXX", an allusion to incomplete or untouched computer files, a Relaxio intern busy dealing with guests and not enough time to manage personal affairs, or a hastily put together email for work that lacks a subject line.

These hidden trait types, there are a few, point to the below-surface-level imperfections in all of us - just as Relaxios are imperfect in their own way, so too are humans. All of us.

Sometimes that means visually, and sometimes it takes a bit of work to find it below the surface.

Relaxio story tells above and below the surface.

Errors, but intentional in within us all.

This user is worry-free

Relaxio is unbothered, in its own lane, moisturized, and free. Digitally ascended and untouchable in the forces of the universe.

Above all else, Relaxio is worry-free.

From the visual and obvious to the hidden and discreet, Relaxio acts as a force reflective of all of us - perfect and imperfect, in equal and attracting symbiosis. Ascended. Transcended.