Relaxio Resort and Spa welcomes guests from all over the world, from every walk of life, to join us at the Resort.

To confirm your stay, please consider owning a Relaxio via the following links:

[Magic Eden]


Relaxio Coded Banners:

[Magic Eden]


Guests may, at times, be able to purchase goods and services at the Resort and Spa, and via our sister companies Relaxio Cruises, Relaxio Airlines, and Relaxio Getaways, via the $RELAX coin.

The $RELAX coin Contract Address (CA) is:


Alternatively, guests can view $RELAX via the following links:



Social Media:


[Meme Depot]

Minecraft Server:


Please feel free to leave suggestions, feedback, or other general comments to the staff at the Relaxio Resort. We will read each and every comment left, and action things that make sense for the community.

Suggestions and feedback