April 9th
$RELAX was launched as a memecoin on pump dot fun by an unknown dev [LINK]. Less than 12 hours later, the token was rugged by the dev.

The coin creator had deleted his Telegram account, as well as the original projects' X (formerly Twitter) account. The original Telegram channel was abandoned, but not deleted, and the full post history was still visible.

The images below show the now-deleted account of the original dev, and his infamous "You thought I left? Relaxio :)" pinned comment, and below that the original image that was uploaded on pump dot fun alongside the $RELAX coin. This concept image would later go on to provide the foundation for the Relaxio pfp collection.

April 16th
A group of friends found the $RELAX token already rugged at a sub 10k market cap and began an official Relaxio community takeover (CTO). The CTO saw the token rise from a 10k mc to 400k mc in less than a day.

Below is Wirelyss' tweet [LINK] which brought the $RELAX coin into public knowledge and spawned the effort of a CTO/ revival for $RELAX.

April 20th
A group of creators from within the $RELAX CTO produced and released the Relaxio Resort NFT collection on Solana. The NFT was designed to be anti-grift, with lower royalties than previous derivatives, and a mint price of between $5-10.

Relaxio Resort sold out rapidly and before public sale after passing a Retardio whitelist (WL) phase and entering a pay-in-$RELAX WL phase. 90% of mints were made during the $RELAX phase.

Mint funds went towards the LP of $RELAX, which is currently mostly comprised of the auto-locked and burned LP from it's release from the pump dot fun platform.

177 NFTs were held for giveaways. Royalties were set to 2.5% (compared to the standard 5-7.5%). 34% of royalties are held in the “Relaxio Resort dev wallet” (wallet used to deploy the collection, for the sake of transparency) to be used for marketing and project expenses.

May 8th
The Relaxio v0.5/v1 website was launched, providing a central base for all things Relaxio Resort - from lore and timeline (which you're reading right now!) to a hub of official links ($RELAX CTO to Relaxio NFT-related links).

The website will be updated to a fully-developed experience which requires longer time and resources to produce. The updated experience will mimic a digital Relaxio Resort, symbiotic with the brand image and the lore weaved around it.


Relaxio is a collection of 3333 generative NFTs, in PFP stylization, on the Solana blockchain, deriving from elements of Milady’s, Remilio, Retardio, and past and present cultural reference. Curated carefully for the bond between traits, the meaning behind them, and a macro-view of a community shaped on the above, Relaxio is an evolution towards a transcended, ascended view of digital personas and their place within a cultivated and passionate community.

Capturing the essence of net-positive interaction manifesting the reversed, utilized power of the Seven Deadly Sins, Relaxio exists in a mostly fluid left-right sector of online society, specifically Web3 but with wide lapse and room for encompass of online culture, that captures and harmonizes a net-positive, pseudo-cathartic experience. Interactions are not forced, instead a deep manifestation of internal joys long suppressed or overwritten by manufactured stressors, responsibilities, expectations, and alternate digital communities.

Relaxio stands

The ethos of Relaxio is to be unbothered to the core - spiritually, but also mentally. Points of social inflection and heat are distractions from the goal that Relaxio seeks to achieve, and draws community members to split their soulmind towards net-negative interactions. Unbothered is a deep, core state of being - a realization that all ailments, social or personal, shall pass, and that the emotional reaction to these ailments is solely controllable by yourself and your spirit. Allowing negativity to consume and steal the energy that is otherwise held by an unbothered mindset allows for self-failing and a decline into the seven vices of hell - specifically without utilizing them as personal powers of force:

  • Superbia (pride)

  • Avaritia (greed)

  • Luxuria (extravagance)

  • Invidia (envy)

  • Gula (gluttony)

  • Ira (wrath)

  • Acedia (sloth)

However, unlike a total rejection of vices, Relaxio exists to embrace and embolden them for personal growth, universal and spiritual power, and protection from external harm. Twisting and flipping them to be individual drivers for success, harmony with the world around Relaxio, and our interaction with each other.


Superbia can and should be harbored by Relaxio community members for self-pride and pride of the community as a moving unit. Developments, areas of growth, and opportunities of overcoming adversity should be celebrated with pride and passion, vigor and noise - but remaining mindful of the Relaxio way of doing so - calm and in control. Relaxios are proud of their achievements, and the achievements of their neighbors, and capturing Superbia as a power for good fuels continual advancements towards excellence - mutually for the wider community, but personally within it, too. Relaxio is all about celebrating achievements with warmth and love. Relaxio embraces Superbia as a power of good.

Avaritia is a reality of digital spaces and especially an unchecked Web3 - any blanket rejection of this is a falsehood and should be looked at with suspicion. Access to the internet, technology, and these online spaces are delivered through layers of personal greed - a personal iPhone, a desktop computer, and working its way up a larger ladder, electricity into your home, a roof over your head, income to sustain that. Avaritia is a progressive and never-ending slope to resentment if not checked for the net-positivity it can and should bring. Avaritia provides Relaxios with the tools to achieve greatness, both within the community and on a larger, global scale. Weaponize Avaritia to deliver good; educate others online, coordinate community charity drives, give back to those around you, and record history for it is all that will be left of us and our time when we pass. Power to powerful. Leave a Relaxio legacy for good.

Living with Luxuria is a fine balance between recognition of privileges not granted to many around the world, but also a celebration and a ‘not taking it for granted’ attitude about the cards dealt to Relaxios. Adopting a care-free spirit begins with embracing Luxuria when it naturally presents itself, from as small as open and gathered digital spaces to discuss and socialize with other Relaxios, to larger Luxuria like open parties and gatherings of Relaxios, travel opportunities, and networking at a global level. Luxuria, when tapped as a powerful tool of expansion, helps achieve a higher echelon of spiritual being - a transcendence from normality to extraordinary. A deep level of Relaxio on a greater scale.

Invidia fuels growth, but must be managed such that it does not manifest into open and overt negativity, such is the slippery slope of envy. Using the driving power of Invidia allows Relaxios to seek a higher position, spiritually and physically, be that through access and influence with neighbors, to a betterment of their physical predicament. Invidia was established within Relaxios to ensure the continued potency of mind, body, soul, and technospirit, and amplification of individual and collective prodigiousness.

Everything Relaxio lives and breathes exudes Gula, but done so in a natural and progressive way for self betterment within the community. Relaxation, self-care, all the pinnacles of what it means to be unbothered and care-free. Relaxios will embrace all acts of servitude and offerings of comfort, for they know it betters their mind and soul, enables their technospirit, and heals their body. Gula ensures Relaxios remain healthy and present, and remain of the strength to dominate peacefully and subtly.

Ira, while controversial when paired with Relaxio at face value, enables the community to peacefully mark its position in a digital landscape while respectfully, subtly, and slowly defending from attack or criticism in a way deemed classic and calm. Relaxio should weaponize Ira in a controlled manner - peace, love, warmth and being embracing of doubters, with responses that leave zero room for negativity to latch and manifest. A total and calmly aggressive destruction of anything that shall bring harm, through relaxing statements of affirmation. Ira, but done the Relaxio way.

Acedia - otherwise sloth - means to be lazy. Relaxio embraces downtime and self-fulfilment from a scope as wide as 'head empty, no thoughts' to deep transcended meditation that alters the path of your life forevermore. This cannot be achieved by an active lifestyle 24/7, so Relaxio embraces Acedia only when it leads to the betterment of mind, body, soul, and technospirit. Laziness with no end-goal is impermissible, but Acedia to alter pathways moving forwards, to reflect on internalized Relaxio, and to embrace thoughtfulness is a core underpinning of Relaxio.

Why the Seven Deadly Sins/ OR VICES, and why in Latin specifically

While the entire world may run away from something labelled the 'Seven Deady Sins' or 'Seven Vices', Relaxio recognizes its untapped power. A power unharnessed by most, and with seven attributes that, specifically when utilized for good, shape the ultimate Relaxio mindset - a true Ascended Relaxio.

As such, buried deep into the creation lore of Relaxio, exist Seven Ascended Relaxio - each a digital and ethereal representation of one of the Seven Vices. To which each is assigned is for the discussion and consensus of the community, but they have been present since inception, and when combined create the ultimate Relaxio, should they ever unify in a single location.

Relaxio opted for a Latin translation of the vices as it was the blueprint for most languages in present day - a sophisticated language that provides a profound understanding of aspects of our lives and culture. It is also ever-present, from current language to dollar bills, morning to night (AM to PM), and much more. Latin invites intrigue and mystery, which are deep underpinnings of Relaxio lore.

The $RELAX coin remains entirely CTO. There is no dev nor dev supply, no team, and no centralized entity whatsoever. The coin is a full community effort.

The Relaxio Resort collection exists as a companion collection but operates separately from the coin.

The Relaxio deployer wallet has gone on to donate and airdrop Relaxio NFTs to dozens of community members, key figures in the space, charitable endeavors, and more. It continues to distribute it's vault holdings on an ongoing basis and of its share of royalties, Resort Staff (the affectionate term for those controlling the deployer wallet) have indicated future buybacks of NFTs to continually distribute to community members.

Note: the Relaxio lore and ethos' are ever evolving as more is come to be understood of Relaxio and its place in the universe. This document will alter, adapt, change, and expand as time goes on.