Billions Must Relax(io): Building a Positive, Engaged Community from the Ground Up

Relaxio Resort is taking aim at internet culture as a whole to captivate and cultivate the most relaxed, engaged, and positive community possible. Here’s how we’re doing it.

6/6/20243 min read

Building a grassroots anything is a difficult task at the best of times, and Relaxio is no different. We inherit a digital landscape deeply and ideologically blockaded by online identities and communities fixed in a hierarchy of chronology and virtual clout, but one that has obvious and untapped gaps in the market - positivity, relaxation, digital spirituality and a sense of being unbothered so deep-rooted the entire project, community, and people within it become untouchable.

Relaxio Resort, deriving from elements of Milady’s, Remilio, Retardio, and past and present cultural reference, exists to fill this expansively gargantuan void in the market, a place warm and welcoming to digital and virtual personas looking for the right place to be. A Resort on the horizon you’ve longed to visit for decades, a break from the chaos and a calm beach to relax on with a clear mind and soulful future. Curating those vibes begun at the art level, and tendril deep into content, interaction, mindset and deliverables.

Our art, spanning off-hand traits to backgrounds, root this lore and mindset from the outset. We tried to capture a nostalgia of 1980s opulence and decadence with small scatterings of childhood memories; a juxtaposition of private mega yachts and Versace mansions with pigeons in the city and daisy fields. This theme of vices (the Seven Deadly Sins) is evident throughout the entire Relaxio Resort collection, and the lore for that decision (spoiler: the Relaxio characters and universe subvert these vices to use as positive harnessings) are all outlined on our website.

Engagement is the boogeyman in the room for startups - without paying for influencers or alpha calls, we have worked from the ground up to curate an audience that fundamentally cares about Relaxio and what the team are working to achieve. With limited resources, yes, but with minds filled to the brim (and then some, the internal group chats are a verbal Olympic swimming pool) of ideas and thoughts and directions that Relaxio will ultimately be guided towards. This begins with communications that are open, honest, and accessible (Telegram and Twitter/ X chat), and seeps into further activations like our ongoing /mystery puzzles (which are, on face value, difficult challenges but on the backend/ upon resolution actually lore-building towards the future activations of Relaxio) or embracing of emerging technologies, ideas and communities (we were one of the first communities to mainstream adopt Meme Depot, and were the first community chosen for free WL by Edible Kawaii).

Fundamentally, Relaxio matters on a scale bigger than our current audience. Memes everywhere spring up our PFPs subtly and without shout, our community are intelligent and activated for stimulating and diverse conversation and participation, and our future path is one filled with extreme care for story and lore; everything Relaxio cyclically links, and everything is thought through. From as simple as a website link to as deep as a multi-stage, multi-week digital puzzle.

Relaxio Resort is bigger than we know currently, and harnessing this digital persona for positivity, relaxation, vibrancy and brilliance will help deliver Relaxio and our community to a new level of blue chip recognition.

Slowly, then all at once.

Coming up next for Relaxio is our experiential website (a significant dev-load and expense, but one that firmly places Relaxio in the history books as an experience-first, vibes driven project), the conclusion to our first puzzle (as of writing this, part one has been completed and part two is nearing resolution)

The close of part three will herald the next activation of Relaxio and the evolution of our lore and direction (significantly, seriously exciting). We’re also working through merchandise that reflects the Relaxio ethos - both in quality and distribution. We could rush low quality merch at low cost, but this isn’t special or exciting - we want to build forever, with products that are for ever.

We will also continue to secure our community WL, AL, mints, access and more to our friends, new and old, across web3 and - where it fits - web2.

Relaxio is building. Keep relaxing.